About Us  

Poppy’s Therapeutic Corner, LLC is a private group practice located in Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio. We are a safe corner in the world where clients are able to develop new coping skills, ways to handle conflict and hope for increased life satisfaction full of happiness and joy.


Our Mission to our clients is to provide quality care with a view of the whole person. Thus, the care is tailored to the specific needs of the individual. Poppy’s Therapeutic Corner, LLC firmly believes that the client is an active, collaborative member in his/her treatment and encourages this participation throughout the entire therapeutic process.


Our Vision is to provide leadership and services in a community-wide effort to foster positive, optimal mental health and to assist the community to find ways to prevent, reduce, and minimize the residual effects of mental health struggles. 

Accreditation & Certification

The Joint Commission Accreditation

Ohio Mental Health & Addiction Certification


To provide behavioral therapeutic services to our clients.

To provide for the deterrence of severe effects of stress and life crisis for children and adults, individuals and families who request assistance to increase adaptive behavior and restore positive functioning.

To provide continuously accessible emergency intervention for persons in crisis.

To expand services to employed persons through the provision and promotion of Employee Assistance Programs.

To attempt to expand community treatment and community care alternatives for children and adolescents.

To strive to acquire adequate financial resources to support the provision of quality mental health services.

To maintain the practice's compliance with certification, auditing, licensure and funding standards and regulations. This practice provides services to clients on the basis of least restrictive alternative. The term least restrictive reflects the value that clients should have as much freedom as possible to live in the community. Clients should not receive excessive services but only types and amounts of services that are necessary to ameliorate their mental health condition.